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Dirty Squatter

24/UK/Anarchist/Communist/Vegan/Straight Edge

- Anarchism
- Environmentalism
- Animal Liberation
- Prisoner Support/Prison Abolition
- Nature
- Animals (mostly raccoons!)
- Punk/Hardcore/Crust/PV/Grindcore
- And other stuff I find interesting!


Sep 19 '11

Later today at 8:00 BST, bailiffs will move in to evict people from Dale Farm, the UK’s largest traveller site. This comes after a long struggle by residents and activists to halt the eviction of over 400 people from the piece of land near Crays Hill, Essex.

My heart goes out to those people (residents and activists) who have decided to make the decision to stay on Dale Farm and resist the eviction. It will be a hard fight. Solidarity & strength to all of you.

You can follow LetDaleFarmLive on Twitter for updates, as I suspect the major news corporations will fail to cover the on-going struggle for people’s homes.