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Dirty Squatter

24/UK/Anarchist/Communist/Vegan/Straight Edge

- Anarchism
- Environmentalism
- Animal Liberation
- Prisoner Support/Prison Abolition
- Nature
- Animals (mostly raccoons!)
- Punk/Hardcore/Crust/PV/Grindcore
- And other stuff I find interesting!


Apr 25 '13


  • 1.Favorite punk sub-genre?
  • 2.Favorite Street Punk band?
  • 3.Favorite Crust Punk band?
  • 4.Favorite Ska Punk band?
  • 5.Favorite Folk Punk band?
  • 6.Favorite Hardcore Punk band?
  • 7.Favorite Grindcore band?
  • 8.Favorite Oi! band?
  • 9.What's worse, Pop-Punk, Horror Punk, or Glam Punk?
  • 10.Most Punk non-Punk band?
  • 11.A Punk band, you don't like, but understand why people like?
  • 12.If you were to start a Punk band what genre would it be?
  • 13.Best Decade of Punk?
  • 14.Modern Hardcore or Old School Hardcore?
  • 15.Political or Humorous lyrics?
  • 16.Best Live Punk band?
  • 17.Should Punk have anything to do with politics?
  • 18.Biggest Douchebag in Punk?
  • 19.(this band) or (that band)
  • 20.Favorite Punk Band from your home country?
  • 21.Favorite Punk Band from your city/state?
  • 22.Most embarrassing Punk band you like?
  • 23.Punk or Metal?
  • 24.Worst Band in your favorite genre of Punk?
  • 25.CDs, MP3, Cassettes or vinyls?
  • 26.Studded Vests, yes or no?
  • 27.(this genre) or (that genre)
  • 28.First Punk band you saw live?
  • 29.First Punk album you bought?
  • 30.Do you own any fanzines?
  • 31.Do you mosh?
  • 32.Opinions on stage diving?
  • 33.A good band that sucks live?
  • 34.3 Most Overrated Punk bands?
  • 35.3 Most Underrated?
  • 36.Worst logo?
  • 37.Best logo?
  • 38.Fast or Heavy?
  • 39.Clean or Harsh Vocals?
  • 40.First few Punk bands you liked?
  • 41.A Punk band you loved now hate?
  • 42.A Punk band you hated now love?
  • 43.Favorite instrument?
  • 44.Best crossover genre?
  • 45.Opinions on bondage trousers?
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